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Beach House in Delaware


“Without wanting to suggest that I’ve got too much time on my hands, I’ve discovered an international dimension to “watching paint peel”. There are endless variants – the quality of the paint, how often it’s applied, the climate, humidity and extremes. For example, in Morocco, paint tends to clump and wrinkle; in India, it looks as if it dissolves. But on beaches the world over, there appears to be common ground. Sea air, storms, heat and wet, seem to give a pattern to paint that is quite specific and very beautiful. This is paint on an old beach house in Delaware that was home for a week.” – Hilary Stock

Location: Delaware, USA | size: 47.5cms x 64.5cms x 4.5cms | medium: giclée photographic print on Fotospeed archival art paper | edition: 25 | ref: WAND-001

This picture features a grid of nine hand-folded images in a bespoke box frame with non-reflective Artglass. All pictures can be made in a range of sizes and materials.