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“As a recent guest in the Gambian village of Gunjur, I had the ultimate privilege of joining their annual Tabaski celebrations (Eid al-Adha or “festival of the sacrifice”). All week, the finest costumes were being run up by tailors around town. Families who could not afford new clothes for the rest of the year put our own fashion designers to shame. The display of colour and finery was breathtaking, as worshippers gathered to fill an area the size of two football pitches, men on one side, women on the other and children everywhere. The mango trees fluttered in the gentle breeze and the Imam chanted from the Koran. And then the moment that will stay with me forever: as one, with a single, notable exception, the entire community moved to pray, falling to their knees and bowing their heads, the scrunching of brand new fabric filling the African air.” – Hilary Stock

Location: Gunjur, The Gambia | Medium: Giclée photographic print on Fotospeed archival art paper | Size: 58cms x 44.5cms x 3.5cms | unlimited edition

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